Go Fast Don't Die Director of Operations

Job Description
We believe that business building allows us to create the most impact for the widest range of industries and organizations. In order to do that we believe in the deep, intrinsic value of every individual — and every individual business. We understand and encourage the personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development of our team members makes us all better.

The mission for this role is to mature the operations and the team of Go Fast Don’t Die, in line with our core purpose, to support and sustain our already rapid growth curve.

We’re a team of folks very focused on message, content, product, and marketing. We need a leader who shares a passion for the mission, but will bring order from chaos.

We're looking for a partner that sees these tasks not as something they can do, but a reflection of the kinda person they already are...

Turn dreams into reality. We’re a highly creative bunch, and are looking for someone who has a hunger for making the impossible happen.
Optimize everything! (inventory turn time, product supply chain, ERP, manufacturing)
Continue to build a team of A-Players who are completely bought into our core purpose and culture
Each team member knows what they should be doing, and the process should be clear
Make everything run as smoothly as possible.
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